Gift Card Holders

Gift Card Holders

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Enhance the design and message of your gift cards!

Plastilam offers both custom and generic gift card rack and card holders. Plastic gift card holders offer an extra option for enhancing the message and design of your gift cards. They present a perfect packaged gift that can include the name of the recipient, who it is from and also the gift card amount.

The carriers also can be used as a rack card that can be placed at point of purchase for easy display. The top part of the carrier tears off so that the body can be folded in half with the gift card snugly affixed to our custom die-cuts inside. We can also print up to 4 colors on both sides using the same art as your gift cards. Plastilam guarantees the matching process of both cards and carries because they are both manufactured in house in our printing plant.

We also offer a generic card carrier that folds in half and is printed in black on two sides. The gift cards also fits snugly in our custom die cut slots and makes an excellent presentation. This is a stock item that can be shipped with in days.

See more notes and specs on our gift card holders below.


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