Art Requirements

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Standard CR80 Card Dimensions: 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ (3.375″ x 2.125″)

NOTE: For artwork designed to the edge of the card, please design a 1/8 inch or .125 inch bleed past the outer edge of the card.


File Preparation


  • Layout your artwork to actual size.
  • Use our PDF TEMPLATE or setup your artwork to these dimensions: (2.125 x 3.375″ + .125″ bleed on all sides; corner radius is .135″).


  • A minimum of 0.125″ bleed is required for any image that extends beyond the cutline.  All live elements (type, logos etc.) should be kept at least 0.063″ from the cut edge to allow for movement during production.
  • All art should be placed in position on the final page size with allowances for bleed, slot or hole punching, magnetic stripes, barcodes etc. indicated.  Templates are available on request.  Crop marks, cutlines etc. may be used, but must remain outside the maximum bleed area, or be placed on a separate layer to allow for removal prior to production.


  • Our preferred formats are PDF or EPS, no image compression.
  • Please ensure all fonts are converted to outlines and all color raster images are CMYK and 300 ppi at actual size. Grayscale images should be a minimum of 600 ppi; 1 bit (Black and White) images should be a minimum of 1200 ppi to maintain clarity.
  • We accept Illustrator .AI and Photoshop .PSD – We also accept JPG, TIF, BMP.  These files may require additional production steps and may delay your order and/or increase your cost.  We will notify you in advance of additional charges.
  • We do not recommend supplying files in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

File Compression:

  • ZIP or STUFFIT compression can be used to reduce final size.

Spot Colors:

  • Where PMS colors are to be printed as separate spot colors, please ensure objects are correctly filled with the required color and that the order indicates this.
  • Extended areas of filled black such as backgrounds on CMYK jobs should be filled with Rich Black (50 C, 40 M, 40 Y, 100 K) in order to generate a deeper, richer black.

Embedded Holographic Foil and Surface Foil Stamps:

  • All art submitted for foil stamping must be 1 bit Black and White only – no color or grayscale tints. When creating art please remember that fine detail can fill in or drop out during the foil stamping process. Distinct, solid line and type is recommended.
  • Overlaminated foils may not bleed off the card and we recommend they be kept at least 0.1″ away from any cut or slot edge.  Due to standard tolerances for movement during production it is not possible to register either embedded or surface foils with any printed elements on an overlaminated card – we recommend designing foil elements to work independently of any printed content, and to maintain at least 0.1″ distance between the foil element and any logos or type surrounding to avoid intrusion.


We invite you to contact us at ART@PLASTILAM.COM with any questions you may have before you prepare your art, after we receive your art or at any time.