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Why Your Boutique Hotel Card Design Needs To Wow Guests

What do you remember from your last trip? Was it the weather? The food? The service?

Did you keep anything from it? When we recall our travels we fondly look back at the great experiences and inevitably cringe at the bad. What we tend to remember the most clearly is something that created a positive feeling within us, capturing our attention. Boutique hotels are quickly becoming destination spots for many who seek a chance to experience their exclusive and thoughtfully curated offerings.

Our awareness is heightened when we travel. We’re constantly adjusting to our new environment and taking inventory of each image, trying to quantify it in our minds. This heightened state of awareness is the perfect space to ensure that your hotel key card design lands front and center with guests.

Boutique hotels create a feeling of inclusion with enhanced care that make guests want a memento- a keepsake to tie them back to their special experience. If your key card design serves as a sweet reminder of the hotel’s essence, guests are bound to keep them. Your key card on their mantle could be the exact reminder that a former guests needs to book with you again next time.

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3 Ideas to Boost Room Sales in 2020


  1. Factor in the Experience Generation

Today’s generation is becoming more and more about experiences and less about material items. Providing curated information to guests upon check-in keeps them from having to Google every little thing, and it adds a personal touch. High touch, high tech is the name of today’s guest game. Including options like transportation, real reviews from guests about their experiences, or a guide to take them out for a truly local adventure can give guests that something extra.

  1. Make Access Seamless

As important as the details are, sometimes we spend too much time fine tuning and not enough time thinking about the big picture. Ensuring your lock systems work with your key cards, your brand is represented correctly on your card artwork, and that your guests have easy entry to your facility is critical to your overall reputation. Don’t miss out on easy opportunities to provide a positive experience to your guests. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your hotel access cards.

  1. Embrace Wellness

The wellness kick isn’t just a blip on the hospitality radar anymore, it’s a movement. Offering services for the mind, body and spirit has become commonplace. Can’t open a spa or gym up tomorrow? Consider small touches like an organic face mask in each bathroom for guests, or a yoga class on the rooftop patio at sunrise. Incorporating small but powerful touches like these can give enough incentive for guests that are shopping around to pick you over the competition.

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Are you an innovative hospitality professional who is looking to enhance the guest experience? Meet us at HX, The Hotel Experience at Javits Center, NYC from November 10-11th. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled team of access professionals can discuss everything from your hotel’s operations, to it’s opportunities.

About Plastilam:

Along with RFID access cards, Plastilam manufactures, programs, and prints magnetic striped access and gift cards along with wearables and wristbands. We are a premium source for key tags, badges, membership cards, indoor plastic signs and much more. Need sleeves for your cards? We’ve got you covered! You’re in control from proof to finish.

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Customer Experience- The Boutique Edition

Why today’s hoteliers are partnering with companies that offer a customized boutique experience.

  1. Attentiveness

Companies that offer a boutique experience often end up feeling like family- and treat you like you’re a part of theirs. They have the time and energy to go above and beyond for their clients and customers, and they do. They know that what counts in building customer retention is relationships. The level of attentiveness you receive from a customer-focused organization is unparalleled, making them the obvious choice over the competition when it comes to finding a partner who really cares about the details.

  1. Innovation

These organizations are creative meccas. They’re resourceful. You can bet that these smaller teams will run circles around the big guys while keeping your budget intact. They communicate regularly and effectively, knowing that they need to make each interaction meaningful. An added bonus? They’re a lot more likely to listen.

  1. Adaptability

The boutique experience is agile. They can turn on a dime and don’t have to go through the famous “red tape” to get something approved at a high level. This means faster decisions and easier assimilation. When you need to pivot for an unforeseen change in the road map, the boutique experience has your back.

  1. Service

Forget outsourcing, these companies build their service centers in-house to ensure that they always have a pulse on the customer experience. The result? Peace of mind. Boutique experience follows up all day long- so expect courtesy calls, birthday calls and calls to just say “hey, how’s it goin’?” These companies know that their service is what sets them apart, and they invest in it.

  1. Character

I n t e g r i t y. Situations that demand immediate attention go right to the top in no time and get resolved even more quickly than they began. Many of these organizations’ reputations precede them as being the best to work with in the industry. Imagine what you could accomplish if you felt like you had a true partnership with a company that you trusted.


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3 Ways to Make a Memorable Hotel Key Card: The Importance of Brand Recognition


  1. Refine your messaging

Are you committed to being green? Providing customized experiences? Having the best food and drink? To attract your target clientele, your hotel’s biggest strengths should come through in your branding. Some examples of this could be using calming blue tones for a beach resort card, or recycled material for an eco-friendly facility.

  1. Survey your friends- and even people that you don’t know

Once you have some mock-ups together, ask around for a diverse range of opinions about the messaging, colors and logo. Just like every guest is different, so are their viewpoints. Use it to your advantage. The person at the coffee shop might give you a whole new perspective on your design, and it’s a great way to network.

  1. Focus on making it a keepsake

Would you want to keep your own hotel key card? If the answer is no, it’s time for a re-brand. By concentrating on creating something that you’d want to keep, you inadvertently make something authentic. While you can’t always control the experience that your guests might have, you can certainly help along the way.

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Have you considered an upgrade to your hotel’s access technology? Do you want to learn more about staying current in the hospitality industry? Meet us at HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show and talk to us about your vision.

June 17-20th at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota 

About Plastilam:

Along with RFID access cards, Plastilam manufactures, programs, and prints magnetic striped access and gift cards along with wearables and wristbands. We are a premium source for key tags, badges, membership cards, indoor plastic signs and much more. Need sleeves for your cards? We’ve got you covered! You’re in control from proof to finish.

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5 Reasons Wearables Belong In Your Resort

Your guests are finally on the first family vacation they’ve had in years. They wake up early and rush to get their kids ready because they want to get into the resort early and avoid the lines. They take your hotel shuttle to the resort site and while waiting for the resort to open, they realize they forgot their room key…

Your guests enter a state of parental panic, knowing that they are now miles away from the hotel with no way of getting back into this spot in line. They look down at their wrist and suddenly, a wave of calm washes over them. They remember that their room key is one in the same with your resort wristband (unlike some of the other resorts they’ve been to) and in one millisecond, all is right in the world. Your guests enter the resort and enjoy a fun and long overdue family day. That night when they get back to your hotel, they sink into their comfy bed feeling like the hero that they believe their family deserves. Your resort stays top of mind, and after they leave, they write you an amazing review and book another family vacation at your hotel and resort for the following year.

Sound like the lasting impression that you’d like to create in your customer experience?

Here’s 5 reasons why wearables are the key to your resort’s success:

  1. Once they’re on, they’re on. Although wearables are removable, most people will not remove them once they are on. They’re not any more intrusive than a comfortable piece of jewelry, which makes them feel like they’ve always been there.
  2. They brave the elements. Because of the flexible and waterproof nature of a wearable, they are ideal for extreme weather conditions, unpredictable climate change, and travel wear and tear. Waterpark, anyone?
  3. They’re actually kind of stylish. Wearables have reached a whole new level when it comes to making a fashion statement. Small and sleek options are nice enough to wear even after vacation is over, so don’t be surprised if your guests are still wearing them after their stay is done.
  4. They build your brand. Room keys live in your guests’ wallets. If you want to make an outwardly exclusive brand statement, wearables are passive marketing made easy. Let them start the conversation.
  5. They simplify. Wearables are highly visible to staff and security. Why risk a negative customer entry experience? Wearables allow your staff to quickly check who is a member and who is not without seeming invasive.

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Why RFID = Happy Customers

When RFID technology took over the hospitality industry it quickly made turn keys and clunky chains a thing of the past. RFID boasts a long list of benefits, all of which can be applied to hotel owners and their guests alike. So, what can you expect from RFID?

You can depend on RFID technology to enhance your overall guest experience.

  • RFID is incredibly versatile. Options can range from contactless (also known as prox, short for being in proximity of) to precise tracking (referred to as UHF or Ultra High Frequency). No matter what your hotel or facility needs, you can find the right fit in RFID.
  • RFID is mutable. The technology can be put into cards and wearables (like wristbands), making guest entry seamless. For the weary traveler, all it takes is a simple slip into the wallet, or clip onto the wrist to gain access to a good night’s sleep.
  • RFID is a marketing team’s dream. Key Cards and wearables containing RFID can be easily branded, re-branded and re-programmed to reflect your most recent marketing campaigns or internal technology changes.


Staying relevant with today’s tech-savvy, consumer review-based generation of millennials presents a challenge for any hotel owner. The last thing a millennial wants to feel is limited- they want ease of use, and intuitive design. The same is true of older generations, who conversely don’t want to be inconvenienced by a complicated technology that could hinder their entry into where they’re staying.

RFID cards are very accessible, meaning that they are relatively inexpensive to produce on a large scale. They can be quickly deactivated if lost or stolen, improving the overall guest experience when it comes to heightened security.

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Plastilam at AAHOA 2019, Booth 1613

April 24-27th   –   San Diego Convention Center, San Diego CA – Booth 1613

We are excited to attend AAHOA’s 30th Anniversary Convention! If you’re planning to attend, come visit with us and let us show you what our expertise can do for you.

We’re with you all the way: before, during and after the sales. With many technology options, Plastilam manufactures everything from RFID and Mag Stripe key cards to hang tags and towel rack hangers. We have what you need.

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November 11-12, 2018   –   Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

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