Dual Color Wristbands

Wristbands allow access to secure entryways and can be worn either wet or dry. Perfect for those individuals needing pool access, or entry into guest rooms by either guests or staff. Easy attachment allows individual to take on and off independently. Front band color is your choice, grey included on underside. Includes a choice of technologies which work with your door lock systems.

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This RFID wristband is manufactured using silicone measuring 10.25″ long by 0.875″ wide.  Technology choices include: 1K Alternative, 4K Alternative, NXP Mifare 1K, NXP Mifare 4K, and Prox. The outside color of your wristband is up to you; enter your preferred color in the selector to ensure consistency with your brand. Grey is included on underside. An option of a one-color logo can showcase your name and identify the band belongs to you. Laser engrave a sequenced number into the underside to be able to keep track of wristbands when they are turned back in. Choose to fill the number with white ink, or leave it plain.

If you wish to have a solid color or thinner band, please click here.

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