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Plastilam is your go-to source for all your hotel key card needs! We offer unbeatable manufacturer-direct prices exclusively to boutique and independent hotels, as well as full customization and an exceptional service experience. Whether you need a quick reorder, a whole new design, or accessories for your hotel, we're at your service.

In addition to custom-printed RFID and Mag Stripe Hotel Key Cards, we offer blank key cards, card holders & sleeves, signage, name badges, RFID bracelets & more!

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Custom RFID & Mag Stripe Hotel Key Cards

Hotel key cards are used to authenticate users. They store either a digital or physical signature that the system accepts before releasing the lock.

The many modern types of key cards include magnetic stripe, barcode, smart and NFC cards, RFID key cards, and even mechanical hole cards.

Keyless access, key cards, and wearables offer security, convenience, and reliability for businesses throughout the hospitality industry. Our experts will help you print the right key cards to suit your hotel business.

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Magnetic Stripe Hotel Key Cards

Mag Stripe key cards provide an excellent way to control access to security-sensitive areas while still providing confusion-free entry. Not only are they durable and difficult to copy, but if guests take them home, those cards can simply be deactivated remotely with ease. Make a positive impact with USA-made, custom-printed Magnetic Stripe Hotel Key Cards!

RFID Hotel Key Cards

The latest in access technology, RFID's secret lies in the fascinating mix of radio waves, transceivers, antennas, and integrated circuits, all working together to wirelessly transfer access data. Simply swipe your card near an RFID system consisting of a transmit-and-receive antenna combo plus a tiny chip known as a transponder - then information flows like wireless lightning!

Key Card Holders & Sleeves

Give your hotel guests a tailored experience with custom key card holders or sleeves - a thoughtful way to convey your brand and build a personalized experience. Not only do these secure, pocket-sized covers protect standard-sized magnetic stripe and RFID key cards, but they also provide space for extra graphic designs or info that'll make your customers remember you!