3 Ideas to Boost Room Sales in 2020

Best Ideas to Boost Room Sales
  1. Factor in the Experience Generation

Today’s generation is becoming more and more about experiences and less about material items. Providing curated information to guests upon check-in keeps them from having to Google every little thing, and it adds a personal touch. High touch, high tech is the name of today’s guest game. Including options like transportation, real reviews from guests about their experiences, or a guide to take them out for a truly local adventure can give guests that something extra.

  1. Make Access Seamless

As important as the details are, sometimes we spend too much time fine tuning and not enough time thinking about the big picture. Ensuring your lock systems work with your key cards, your brand is represented correctly on your card artwork, and that your guests have easy entry to your facility is critical to your overall reputation. Don’t miss out on easy opportunities to provide a positive experience to your guests. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your hotel access cards and boost room sales.

  1. Embrace Wellness

The wellness kick isn’t just a blip on the hospitality radar anymore, it’s a movement. Offering services for the mind, body and spirit has become commonplace. Can’t open a spa or gym up tomorrow? Consider small touches like an organic face mask in each bathroom for guests, or a yoga class on the rooftop patio at sunrise. Incorporating small but powerful touches like these can give enough incentive for guests that are shopping around to pick you over the competition.

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