Start Fresh With Blank/Generic Cards

Is your hotel in transition?

As hotels continue to face changing regulations from the CDC keeping your guests safe, secure, and informed is every hotel owner’s top priority.

Here’s 3 reasons to consider Blank/Generic Cards for your hotel in 2022:

  1. Shipping delays and materials shortages are being experienced by nearly every business (big or small) since the beginning of the pandemic. Blank/Generic cards are a safe and easy to customize backup if there is a delay in your custom-printed cards.
  2. Are you changing your messaging? Blank/Generic cards are a perfect transition when going through a brand update. They allow for multiple iterations during the creative process.
  3. Blank/Generic cards have a low minimum order quantity and can save money over branded cards. They can save your business money during times of higher vacancy.

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Conference Season At Your Hotel; How Will You Manage?

As conference season sweeps across the US, hotels are once again faced with how to keep guests, staff, and attendees safe.

The need to meet and collaborate in-person for conferences and organizational workshops despite the current landscape creates an opportunity for hotels who are still planning to host events this conference season.

With the right combination of safety protocol and access technology, your next conference could not only be profitable to your hotel but keep your hotel workforce employed long-term. Knowing that security and health consciousness are top priority, RFID access passes can easily help you get attendees from the conference and back into their rooms seamlessly.

Less is more when it comes to contact this conference season, how will you ensure your space is ready to host an event while still complying with CDC regulations?

Going above and beyond to achieve comfort for guests and attendees is simple when you work with our team of experts to find the perfect access solution for your hotel.

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Creating The Perfect Access Card in 3 Steps

Your brand. It is the first thing guests see when they visit your website, enter your buildings or glance at your ad. Brand distinction is not only important, but necessary to enhance your presence in the industry  and stand out in a crowd.

You have your hotel’s aesthetic, but what about your access key cards?

Do they tell a story?

Studies show that hotel key cards are a popular travel souvenir (whether hotel owners like them going missing or not). Don’t miss an opportunity to create a relationship with your guests.

Here’s 3 ways to create the perfect card.

A design that Pops

Getting the right design for your brand might take some time and effort up front, but it will serve your hotel long-term. Spending extra time gathering feedback and creating space for creativity is critical to ensuring your brand tells the story you want for your hotel, long term.

A clear message

Does your messaging align with how you want your brand to be viewed? Does it convey exactly what you want guests to know about your hotel? Creating a succinct and clear statement ensures your statement is universal across all locations and staff.

Lock System Compatibility

The frustration of not being able to get into a hotel room after traveling could be the only experience a  guest needs to never book with you again. Creating a seamless experience from check in to check out is essential to repeat customers.

Don’t know where to start?

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How Hotels Can Reinvent Themselves Post-Pandemic

Hire a new chef for your hotel restaurant! As businesses closed across the world for the pandemic, many restaurants that were home to amazing chefs will not be re-opening. Creating a safe and reliable environment for a talented chef to enter into your hotel’s picture could be the exact draw that you need to keep guests coming back, and generate new customers who do not necessarily need to stay at the hotel to dine in.

Does your hotel have an art gallery or some vacant walls? Featuring a collection of local artwork not only gives a personal touch to your space, but also gives local artists the opportunity to sell their work after losing gallery space during the pandemic. It also creates a nice conversation piece amongst guests.

Does your hotel have a story? A family history, or something that you are proud of? Showcase your story by adding it to your website and e-blasts to customers. Creating a connection before guests step inside is more likely to pique their interest in why you do what you do. Let your uniqueness shine with signage in each room telling your “why” to guests.

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3 Ways to Show Guests Your Hotel is Re-Opening Safely

  1. Use social media to showcase your safety protocols. Take guests on a recorded virtual tour that documents the changes you have made inside of the hotel. This gives them the opportunity to see enhancements that they may not otherwise be able to see at a glance. It also gives you the opportunity to talk about any upcoming promotions, loyalty programs, or events.
  2. Build a CDC page for your website that includes information that is up to date, as well as resources for your customers to access. This will ensure that customers that your always have streamlined access to best practices.
  3. Show hotel traffic data in a visible place. Showing statistics like high traffic times in the lobby or gym can help guests to navigate their way around without worrying about what happens when they walk outside of their room. Transparency provides peace of mind.

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4 Best Practices for Your Hospitality Staff During Covid-19

4 Best Practices for Your Hospitality Staff During Covid-19

  1. Wear a cloth mask and Face Shield even when socially distant from guests. The more methods of prevention one uses, the better.
  2. Consistently clean and disinfect surfaces that guests may touch frequently, such as check-in counters, door handles, elevator buttons, and railings.
  3. Keep hand sanitizer, wipes, and disinfectant hand soap with clean water and hand towels on site at any location where guests may transition from one environment to another (outdoors to indoors, lobby to room, pool to bar). Label sanitary stations with clear instructions.
  4. Create antimicrobial reusable signage and place it in areas that are visual reference points in the facility that remind guests to wear a mask, stay socially distant, wash their hands, and respect other guests.

Does your hotel need signage to raise awareness for welcoming guests back? Is your staff equipped with Face Shields? Visit our Covid-19 CDC recommendation approved options today and speak with our industry experts:

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Covid-19 Sparks Contactless Entry in 2021

Covid-19 took over the globe this year, making new sanitation practices top of mind for many Hospitality companies. As CDC regulations change and locations pivot to adjust to new rules continuously, the rise of contactless entry is more relevant than ever.

Moving to RFID wristbands as a hotel or resort that is reopening can ensure that your guests physically touch less items, enter facilities with ease, and are easily trackable. Given the new norm of contact tracing , RFID wearables and contactless cards can help to combat transference of Covid-19, as well as track where contact takes place within your building.

If protecting the safety of your guests and your facility is your priority moving forward in 2021, reach out to our team of experts today to learn more about contactless entry, and how We Stay With You.


Plastilam Launches BioLam, Anitmicrobial Protectant Compound

Plastilam has announced that is has launched a new antimicrobial product for the Hospitality Market, BioLam.

The state-of-the-art thermal lamination film reduces and controls the growth of unwelcome microorganisms and is enhanced with a patented antimicrobial compound. This powerful compound works effectively in all Hospitality environments.

The B5120CK Coated Overlay boasts a long-term function of killing bacteria and viruses, protecting the health of clients and customers no matter your location.  Highly effective against the broadest range of bacteria, BioLam is the only laminating film that incorporates the natural protection of silver as an antimicrobial agent.

The antimicrobial agent plays an important role in controlling the growth of bacteria, adding a strong line of defense against the spread of disease.


  • Non-toxic and Non-harming
  • Easily replaceable
  • Best in class performance properties of antibacterial
  • Safe for multiple use as well as cleaning

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Face Shields For All Professions

Plastilam Manufactures Face Shields for the Hospitality Industry

Plastilam, a leading boutique experience card producer for hotels and resorts is now manufacturing the highest quality Face Shields for Hospitality. Protect your staff and keep your facilities safe and sanitary with these splash-resistant shields. High quality materials allow for comfortable mask wear underneath.

Clear, wraparound design enables your staff to see each other’s facial expressions for faster communication and connection to guests. Fully brandable and customizable, add your company logo to stand out.

We Stay With You

Our innovative shield design leverages 30 + years of experience in the plastics manufacturing industry to create a superior product, ready for distribution. Safe for one-time use, our shields can be sanitized and reused depending on environmental impact. With world class customer service, you can trust us to keep your guests smiling.

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