Service as reliable as concierge.

For over 30 years, Plastilam has been a card manufacturer making access cards for the hospitality market. From magnetic striped to high-tech RFID cards and beyond, we combine our experience with superb print quality, providing you with access cards that aesthetically represent your brand in an area absolutely crucial to your operation. Our focus on customer service means we are with you every step of the way, helping to solve your toughest challenges and creating a lasting partnership that is refreshing and energizing.

A Reputation for Quality and Customer Service

We stay with you. You’re in the hospitality business. Your job is to make people feel comfortable. Safe. Pampered. You need suppliers that do the same for you. That’s Plastilam’s signature. The RFID technology expertise of a large firm with the agility of a boutique. We’re smart. Stylish. But most of all we’re responsive to anything our clients need – whenever you need it. We’re an everyday player. We don’t drop the ball. We see it through. We stay with you.

Cards in your Quantity with our Quality

Plastilam is a card manufacturer making a variety of cards for hotel room access systems. Although it’s a new technology for the Hospitality market, we have over a decade of RFID application experience. We also make a wide range of other cards including gift and loyalty, do not disturb hangers, door lock cards, towel rack hangers and table tents. Along with incredible quality printing, we offer our customer “run-through-fire” service when needed.

Give us a call at (800) 600-3088 or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

Check out what our customers are saying:


Really, you are the best!


Thank you so much for your help and attention to detail!


Darn I LOVE you guys! I wish even half the people I deal with were and responsive and awesome as all of you!!


My gosh, you are all so nice and friendly there I almost bet that nobody ever gives you a hard time about anything. I was talking to a sales rep a few weeks ago and your company sounds like it's really close-knit and a great place to work. They say it’s the employees that make or break the company and your owner should be so proud to have you all as a group there.


Thanks again! I have gotten immediate responses throughout production on this order. I really appreciate that!


You are the best!!! Many thanks, Shauna


We would like to thank your Plastilam card team for getting our cards out as quickly as possible. At the time of the orders being placed there was no urgency, however, later there became an immediate need. Plastilam accepted the challenge and produced both orders just two weeks shy before the original completion date. Thanks again for your time and effort that you have provided us on these and other orders.


Thank you so much for your prompt service.


You do such an awesome job. Really appreciate your attention to details. You hit a home run on this. It’s super complicated and you nailed it first time. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.


I really appreciate you staying on top of this for me.