Covid-19 Sparks Contactless Entry in 2021

Covid-19 took over the globe this year, making new sanitation practices top of mind for many Hospitality companies. As CDC regulations change and locations pivot to adjust to new rules continuously, the rise of contactless entry is more relevant than ever.

Contactless Entry Strategies

Moving to RFID wristbands as a hotel or resort that is reopening can ensure that your guests physically touch less items, enter facilities with ease, and are easily trackable. Given the new norm of contact tracing , RFID wearables and contactless cards can help to combat transference of Covid-19, as well as track where contact takes place within your building.

If protecting the safety of your guests and your facility is your priority moving forward in 2021, reach out to our team of experts today to learn more about safe entry, and how We Stay With You.


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