How Hotels Can Reinvent Themselves Post-Pandemic

3 Ways to Reinvent Hotels in Post-Pandemic Era

Hire a new chef for your hotel restaurant! As businesses closed across the world for the pandemic, many restaurants that were home to amazing chefs will not be re-opening. Creating a safe and reliable environment for a talented chef to enter into your hotel’s picture could be the exact draw that you need to keep guests coming back, and generate new customers who do not necessarily need to stay at the hotel to dine in.

Does your hotel have an art gallery or some vacant walls? Featuring a collection of local artwork not only gives a personal touch to your space, but also gives local artists the opportunity to sell their work after losing gallery space during the pandemic. It also creates a nice conversation piece amongst guests.

Does your hotel have a story? A family history, or something that you are proud of? Showcase your story by adding it to your website and e-blasts to customers. Creating a connection before guests step inside is more likely to pique their interest in why you do what you do. Let your uniqueness shine with signage in each room telling your “why” to guests.

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