Customer Experience- The Boutique Edition

Why today’s hoteliers are partnering with companies that offer a customized boutique experience.

5 ways to Enhance Boutique Customer Experience
  1. Attentiveness

Companies that offer a boutique experience often end up feeling like family- and treat you like you’re a part of theirs. They have the time and energy to go above and beyond for their clients and customers, and they do. They know that what counts in building customer retention is relationships. The level of attentiveness you receive from a customer-focused organization is unparalleled, making them the obvious choice over the competition when it comes to finding a partner who really cares about the details.

  1. Innovation

These organizations are creative meccas. They’re resourceful. You can bet that these smaller teams will run circles around the big guys while keeping your budget intact. They communicate regularly and effectively, knowing that they need to make each interaction meaningful. An added bonus? They’re a lot more likely to listen.

  1. Adaptability

The boutique experience is agile. They can turn on a dime and don’t have to go through the famous “red tape” to get something approved at a high level. This means faster decisions and easier assimilation. When you need to pivot for an unforeseen change in the road map, the boutique experience has your back.

  1. Service

Forget outsourcing, these companies build their service centers in-house to ensure that they always have a pulse on the customer experience. The result? Peace of mind. Boutique experience follows up all day long- so expect courtesy calls, birthday calls and calls to just say “hey, how’s it goin’?” These companies know that their service is what sets them apart, and they invest in it.

  1. Character

I n t e g r i t y. Situations that demand immediate attention go right to the top in no time and get resolved even more quickly than they began. Many of these organizations’ reputations precede them as being the best to work with in the industry. Imagine what you could accomplish if you felt like you had a true partnership with a company that you trusted.


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