3 Ways to Make a Memorable Hotel Key Card: The Importance of Brand Recognition

Best Ways to Make Memorable Hotel Key Card
  1. Refine your messaging

Are you committed to being green? Providing customized experiences? Having the best food and drink? To attract your target clientele, your hotel’s biggest strengths should come through in your branding. Some examples of this could be using calming blue tones for a beach resort card, or recycled material for an eco-friendly facility.

  1. Survey your friends- and even people that you don’t know

Once you have some mock-ups together, ask around for a diverse range of opinions about the messaging, colors and logo. Just like every guest is different, so are their viewpoints. Use it to your advantage. The person at the coffee shop might give you a whole new perspective on your design, and it’s a great way to network.

  1. Focus on making it a keepsake

Would you want to keep your own hotel key card? If the answer is no, it’s time for a re-brand. By concentrating on creating something that you’d want to keep, you inadvertently make something authentic. While you can’t always control the experience that your guests might have, you can certainly help along the way.

Ready to make a hotel key card that lands front and center? Contact us today to learn more about how to stand out in the crowd.

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