Why RFID = Happy Customers

When RFID technology took over the hospitality industry it quickly made turn keys and clunky chains a thing of the past. RFID boasts a long list of benefits, all of which can be applied to hotel owners and their guests alike. So, what can you expect from RFID?

You can depend on RFID technology to enhance your overall guest experience.

  • RFID is incredibly versatile. Options can range from contactless (also known as prox, short for being in proximity of) to precise tracking (referred to as UHF or Ultra High Frequency). No matter what your hotel or facility needs, you can find the right fit in RFID.
  • RFID is mutable. The technology can be put into cards and wearables (like wristbands), making guest entry seamless. For the weary traveler, all it takes is a simple slip into the wallet, or clip onto the wrist to gain access to a good night’s sleep.
  • RFID is a marketing team’s dream. Key Cards and wearables containing RFID can be easily branded, re-branded and re-programmed to reflect your most recent marketing campaigns or internal technology changes.

Staying relevant with today’s tech-savvy, consumer review-based generation of millennials presents a challenge for any hotel owner. The last thing a millennial wants to feel is limited- they want ease of use, and intuitive design. The same is true of older generations, who conversely don’t want to be inconvenienced by a complicated technology that could hinder their entry into where they’re staying.

RFID cards are very accessible, meaning that they are relatively inexpensive to produce on a large scale. They can be quickly deactivated if lost or stolen, improving the overall guest experience when it comes to heightened security.

Are you ready to take your hotel’s customer experience to the next level with RFID? Contact us today to speak with our team of experts.


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