5 Reasons Wearables Belong In Your Resort

Your guests are finally on the first family vacation they’ve had in years. They wake up early and rush to get their kids ready because they want to get into the resort early and avoid the lines. They take your hotel shuttle to the resort site and while waiting for the resort to open, they realize they forgot their room key…

Your guests enter a state of parental panic, knowing that they are now miles away from the hotel with no way of getting back into this spot in line. They look down at their wrist and suddenly, a wave of calm washes over them. They remember that their room key is one in the same with your resort wristband (unlike some of the other resorts they’ve been to) and in one millisecond, all is right in the world. Your guests enter the resort and enjoy a fun and long overdue family day. That night when they get back to your hotel, they sink into their comfy bed feeling like the hero that they believe their family deserves. Your resort stays top of mind, and after they leave, they write you an amazing review and book another family vacation at your hotel and resort for the following year.

Sound like the lasting impression that you’d like to create in your customer experience?

Here’s 5 reasons why wearables are the key to your resort’s success:

  1. Once they’re on, they’re on. Although wearables are removable, most people will not remove them once they are on. They’re not any more intrusive than a comfortable piece of jewelry, which makes them feel like they’ve always been there.
  2. They brave the elements. Because of the flexible and waterproof nature of a wearable, they are ideal for extreme weather conditions, unpredictable climate change, and travel wear and tear. Waterpark, anyone?
  3. They’re actually kind of stylish. Wearables have reached a whole new level when it comes to making a fashion statement. Small and sleek options are nice enough to wear even after vacation is over, so don’t be surprised if your guests are still wearing them after their stay is done.
  4. They build your brand. Room keys live in your guests’ wallets. If you want to make an outwardly exclusive brand statement, wearables are passive marketing made easy. Let them start the conversation.
  5. They simplify. Wearables are highly visible to staff and security. Why risk a negative customer entry experience? Wearables allow your staff to quickly check who is a member and who is not without seeming invasive.

Are you ready to upgrade your guest experience? Contact us today to speak with our team of experts about how wearables can take your resort’s ratings from alright to amazing.