Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards

Gift cards as special as your guests.

  • Why should you offer custom gift cards?
  • Why provide a gift card program for your customers?
  • Don’t have your own custom artwork?  Order one of our generic gift cards!

Why should you offer custom gift cards?

  • Everyone is using them for a reason…they are perfect for you and your customers!
  • Gift cards have been proven to increase revenues.
  • Gift cards encourage loyalty to your store, restaurant or company.
  • Adding your name and logo on the card puts your company billboard right in your customers’ wallet.
  • Never need to process cash refunds. Simply add the amount back onto the card for the next purchase.
  • Safer and more convenient than cash.
  • More durable and create a higher perceived value than paper certificates. They feel and look good.
  • Can be used as popular debit cards for all kinds of incentive and pay programs.
  • Do you sell to children? It’s a great way to offer shopping for kids and students. Parents can simply add money at any time.
  • Easy to refill gift card value. Keep them coming back, over and over again.
  • Reduce returns because customers can choose exactly what they want.
  • Tracking costs are reduced because transactions are automated and done instantly.

3 Options to Create Your Custom Gift Cards

  1. Simply send us your own design.
  2. We can have our own creative in-house design team create your card.
  3. Choose from our beautiful Pre-Designed Stock Gift Cards with your own information.

Why provide a gift card program for your customers?

Just think, a customer wants to buy a gift for someone at your business and rather than picking out a product, they purchase a Custom Gift Card.

  • You’re holding the money with no reduction in inventory.
  • You have reduced returns. The gift recipient has no merchandise to return.

if the gift recipient has never been into your business, you have just added a new customer without any cost to your business. That’s with just one gift card purchase. Imagine having sold 10 or 100 cards.

Contact us for custom quote.

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