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  • Why should you offer custom gift cards?
  • How does it work?
  • Why provide a gift card program for your customers?
  • How do I start, and what do I need?
  • Don’t have your own custom artwork?  Order one of our generic gift cards!

Why should you offer custom gift cards?

  • Everyone is using them for a reason…they are perfect for you and your customers!
  • Gift cards have been proven to increase revenues.
  • Gift cards encourage loyalty to your store, restaurant or company.
  • Adding your name and logo on the card puts your company billboard right in your customers’ wallet.
  • Never need to process cash refunds. Simply add the amount back onto the card for the next purchase.
  • Safer and more convenient than cash.
  • More durable and create a higher perceived value than paper certificates. They feel and look “good”.
  • Can be used as popular debit cards for all kinds of incentive and pay programs.
  • Sell to children? Great way to offer shopping for kids and students. Parents can simply “add” money at any time.
  • Easy to refill gift card value. Keep them coming back, over and over again.
  • Reduce returns because customers can choose exactly what they want.
  • Tracking costs are reduced because transactions are automated and done instantly.

3 Options to Create Your Custom Gift Cards

  1. Simply send us your own design.
  2. We can have our own creative in-house design team create your card.
  3. Choose from our beautiful Pre-Designed Stock Gift Cards with your own information.

How does it work?

Now, even the small business can have a gift card program just like the big retailers. We will custom design a brand new card for you or you can send us your card specifications and we will make the gift cards.

Why provide a gift card program for your customers?

Just think, a customer wants to buy a gift for someone at your business and rather than picking out some product, they purchase a Custom Gift Card.

  • You’re holding the money with no reduction in inventory.
  • You have reduced returns. The gift recipient has no merchandise to return.

If the gift recipient has never been into your business, you have just added a new customer without any cost to your business. That’s with just one gift card purchase. Imagine having sold 10 or 100 cards.

How do I start and what do I need?

With Reward / Gift Card Software, the process is easy so you don’t need a huge IT department with 5 or 10 full-time programmers. All you need is a credit card terminal and the Gift Card Software. Click Here for Details.

Don’t have your own custom artwork for gift cards?

Order one of our generic gift cards!

If you don’t have your own artwork you may choose one of our quick formats below.

  • We can drop in your logo and/or company’s information.
  • Same pricing as custom gift cards.

Generic05 Generic04 Generic02 Generic03 Generic01

Harry and David
Explicit Streetwear
Sisly Cosmetics
1-800 Flowers
Yankee Candle