Membership Cards

Membership Programs

Plastilam Specializes in Membership Card Programs

We manufacture the cards. Place them on the shelf and personalize them when you need them.

How does this work?

Cards are manufactured first:

The body of the cards are printed with the clubs logo and standard information.

Personalize cards:

A file is sent with current member names and/or numbers.


The remaining cards are placed on the shelf for updating with new members.

You will never run out of cards:

We will send you an updated inventory list with every release.


  • The XYC Company has 8000 members.
  • An order is placed for 10,000 cards.
  • The 8000 cards are personalized with current member names.
  • 2000 of the non-personalized cards are put in inventory.
  • New members sign up and the cards are pulled from the shelf and sent out.
  • No minimums: they can send in one name or 2000 names.

This is a prepaid program so there are no minimums. The cards and the personalization is billed up front with a small release charge of $50.00 per release.


Cards held in inventory are shipped out 2 to 3 days after receipt of names.


You can send an Excel file for releases on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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