Electronic Lock Head Cleaning Cards

“You should clean your hotel’s electronic locks at least every month!”

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Head Cleaning Card Data Sheet

BLANK RFID cards are in stock!

The hospitality industry standard for cleaning your hotel’s electronic guestroom locks with head cleaning cards is at least once every month for trouble free guestroom locks!

Plastilam, Inc. manufactures the very best in RFID Hotel Key Cards, Mag-Stripe Hotel Key Cards and credentials for the Hospitality Industry.  Our RFID Cards work with most major lock manufacturers’ RFID guestroom lock systems.  The magstripes on our cards are flush-mounted and never surface-mounted, hot-stamped, or roll laminated directly to the surface of the card, severely compromising the quality and life-span of the card.  Plastilam’s magstripes are mounted flush with the surface of the card and protected by a thin layer of clear PVC which makes your new cards endure many guests.  Now there’s a key card manufacturer you can trust to provide you with generic or custom imprinted electronic lock cards, wristbands, and key fobs at extremely competitive prices with excellent service and fast turnaround times.