Start Fresh With Blank/Generic Cards

Generic Cards, Blank Cards

Is your hotel in transition?

As hotels continue to face changing regulations from the CDC keeping your guests safe, secure, and informed is every hotel owner’s top priority.

Here’s 3 reasons to consider Blank/Generic Cards for your hotel in 2022:
  1. Shipping delays and materials shortages are being experienced by nearly every business (big or small) since the beginning of the pandemic. Blank/Generic card is a safe and easy to customize backup if there is a delay in your custom-printed cards.
  2. Are you changing your messaging? Blank/Generic cards are a perfect transition when going through a brand update. They allow for multiple iterations during the creative process.
  3. Blank/Generic hotel cards have a low minimum order quantity and can save money over branded cards. They can save your business money during times of higher vacancy.

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